September 22, 2011

Set me Free

I wonder where happiness resides.
When will darkness take away this fright?
Can the moon light my day?
Will the sun guard me at night’s dismay?

When will the star shine my eyes?
Sparkle like a diamond…
Soft as the fresh flowing snow,
These are the feelings I want thee to know.

Blissful rays of sunlight melted my heart,
Back at one, still undecided where to start.
Ah, maybe I should take full steps,
Knock at thy door and open thy heart.

As my smile is the key,
Hold me and forever let me be…
Moonlight adorn thy beauty,
Free flowing I am all but ready.

Take me to thy citadel,
Make me your queen
And take away this pain…
With you— happy I shall be.

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."


  1. very nice poem....galing mong magsulat.....nangyari ba talaga sa iyo ang sa isang linggong pag ibig..

  2. @Arvin... Thanks po kuya...
    Ay, haha medyo lang po... Actually, dalawang linggong pag-ibig yun akin, eh!