August 26, 2010


Before being a nursing student, what I feel about people with mental illness was just plain sympathy. It's different from what i feel right now. What I have in heart is pure EMPATHY. Put yourself in what they are experiencing and you would surely understand them.

Part of our related learning experience is being exposed in different areas, one of which is in a mental hospital. The past two weeks, we've spent our duty hours giving care to patients with mental illness. Hearing the stories behind their present condition melt my heart. What we could only do is assist in their rehabilitation and hope that they would soon recover. Prayers, apart from nursing care is one of those thing that we could do.

 Julie, Me, Ate Eva, Chan, Khat, Ate Salve, Ma'am Pioquinto, Lhyne-tot, and Ate Cristy

After 6 days, our rotation in the National Center for Mental Health has come to an end. I am glad that we survived the tons of requirements needed and we don't have to wake up 3am in the morning just not to be late. But, part of me is sad because we'll be leaving behind people that had entered our heart even for a short period of time. They had been part of our lives and we will surely miss them. Our memories with them will continue to live in my heart.

Ate Salve, Julie, Ate Eva, Khat, C.I. from Global, Chan, Ma'am Pioquinto, Lhyne, Ate Cristy, and Me

The only guy in our group: Kuya Peter
At the entrance of NCMH

With Sisa, Crispin, and Basilio
More...and more pictures...
I don't want to model...Promise! :)

Hooray, group 19!
Goodbye NCMH... 'till next time...

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."


  1. i feel pity for them, yet, dapat hindi ipakita yun :) baka lalo sila madepress..

    hmmmmmmmmm, hindi naman kayo inaaway?

  2. @Lady_myx: Ay hindi naman. Although andoon ang fear.. dapat hindi namin ipakita. They were nice namn during our interaction with them.. :)

  3. talaga? buti hindi ngangagat :)

    parang sarap tuloy magvolunteer sa ganon..kaso, mas gusto ko mga bata, kahit malilikot. :D

  4. @Lady_myx: yah, yun nga lang kelangan mo sikmurain ang mga changes sa environment.

    You like kids din?? hehe ako rin.. :P

  5. ♥ SUPER LIKE ♥ ganda. :DD