August 18, 2013

Shhh! This is a Secret no one has to know...

NANUNUYOT ang lalamunan niya ng idilat niya ang kanyang mga mata. ‘Sa lahat ng maaring mapanaginipan ay ang mga tagpong iyon pa ang nation!’
                It is sheer dumb luck na nakaligtas siya that rainy night na ikinadawit ni Vesta sa gulong kinasasangkutan niya’t dulot ng dalawang taong ‘di niya akalaing magagawa iyon sa kanilang mag-ina.
                Ipinilig niya ang ulo’t dumiretso ng kusina upang pawiin ang uhaw na nadarama niya. Pabalik na siya sa tinutuluyang kwarto ng may matipunong brasong pumulupot sa beywang niya.
                “I thought I would never see you again,” he murmured in her ear. She gasped when his hold tightened almost crushing her out of breath.
                She can feel his warm muscular chest pressing on her back. ‘What shall I do? I’d been careless…’ She shivered in her helpless position.
                Sa likod ng dilim na bumabalot sa kusina alam niyang aninag nito ang kasalukuyan niyang itsura. Her messy mouse brown curly hair was hanging loosely down to her waist. She isn't even wearing her thick black rimmed glasses neither her prosthetic big teeth to complete her disguise. He had seen her face—the real her… the beautiful one and not the old fashioned maid he knows.
                “Don’t leave me again,” he whispered in agony and his painful almost acidic voice made her hate herself even more. His lips brushed with her skin charging electrical currents up and down her spine. Behind his teasing scent is the mixed smell of cigar and brandy in his breath.
                She wiggled out of his hold putting up her best effort to forget how much she missed this snugly man. But despite her full strength she has no match with his despite his drunken state.
                Pinihit siya nito paharap. He leaned forward, his forehead touching hers, “Do you know how much I missed you?” Hindi pa  rin siya makapagsalita. Her brain’s in verge of hysteria. He could not have seen her in that state if she was careful and not acted so carelessly, and she hated her self for that.
                “Do you—you don’t miss me, do you?” muli’y tanong nito habang unti-unti ay lumiliit ang distansya sa kanilang mga labi.
                She misses him, of course. Not the Devil she loathed—she misses the rocker boy she used to adore up stage, singing for her. But she refuses to admit that thought… that emotion. She doesn't have the right after leaving him in a miserable state not so long ago. It almost cost him his career—all because of her. ‘Hell, I miss you so much,’ she wanted to blurt out but had no courage to do so.
                “I-I do not w-wish to be here. Le-let go of me!” instead she stuttered through gritted teeth. But instead of letting her go, he silenced her protest with a kiss.
                She struggled with all the strength she can muster with no success. He continued to kiss her… crushing his lips with her dry lips as if through that he can punish her, until she no longer struggled out his hold. With her body relaxing, he deepens the kiss making her moan with pleasure.
                She let her defenses down, allowing herself to be free with the rocker boy once more just like before…

Six months ago, in a bar in Makati
HINAYAAN niya ang sariling sumayaw sa saliw ng musikang tinutogtog ng popular na banda. It’s one of those night that she wants to freely breath without the suffocating scolds of her over protective mother.
                In between grinding her hips with the tune of the music ay napatingala siya’t hindi sinasadyang nagtama ang paningin nila ng bokalista. She gave him a big grin and a playful wink and in return he pointed at her with a smile.
                Nang matapos ang performance ay halos maubusan ng hininga na bumalik siya sa kinauupuan bago niya maisipang sumayaw.
                “Another shot of tequila,” she shouted at the bartender beating the load noise of the next performer up in stage.
                Inilapag nito sa kanyang harapan ang baso ng tequila at isang glass of bloody Mary, making her frown. “I didn't asked for that,” tukoy niya sa Bloody Mary. Maang na itinulak niya palayo sa kanya ang baso when a hand suddenly appeared grabbing the glass of liquor.
                “I do order that,” a husky voice whispered in her ear sending shivers to her damp—from sweat, skin. His lips curved into a smile when she looked up the stranger. He's the vocalist she had an exchanged of body language with.
                She’s maybe tipsy but she can perfectly read between the lines. “Oh, thank you!” she winked, flirting back.
                What happened next was blurry fuzz in her brain. All that she knew is he had his arms at his waist and his tongue down to her throat. Clothes were dropping on the floor. A brief chilly coldness hugged her nakedness but was immediately replaced with fiery heat when his hands caress her bare skin. She tightly griped his hair as their dance rhythmically reaches the bridge of the song…

LALO nitong hinigpitan ang hawak sa kaniyang baywang. And there’s no point of turning back. Gumapanng ang kaniyang kamay paakyat sa batok nito. He moaned when she grabs a few stands of his hair, twisting it in raging passion as his tongue deepened the kiss—trailing every corner of her hot mouth. Instead of fighting it, she returned every kiss, equally sucking their air… matching their every move, synchronizing their tongues together.
                Hindi niya alam kung gaano sila katagal sa ganoong posisyon, namalayan na lamang niya na tila lumulutang siya sa kawalan. He had her thighs wrap around his waist habang naglalakad patungo sa kwarto nito. Patuloy pa rin ang halikan nila habang abala ang mga palad nito sa pagdama sa iba’t ibang parte ng kaniyang katawan. Bawat dapyo noon ay umuusok, tila ba matutupok sila sa isang apoy.
                She misses him. She misses him so much her heart is aching. Aching from all the secret and lies she has to feed him.
                Naramdaman niya ang paglapat ng malambot na kama sa kaniyang likod. He’s on top of her, in between her parted thighs. That's when she realized he no longer had his clothes on, giving her a full view of his proud treasure.
                “M-martin…” she gasped, unti-unting gumapang ang palad nito papasok sa suot niyang manipis na sando. “Ohhh…” she heard her own sweet moan when his hot skin made contact with her breast. She writhes under him when he started fondling her nipples. More sweaty moans escaped her lips, making the man on top of her smirked, satisfied with his self.
                “Oh God!” Martin lowered his head, grazing his hot tongue around her now hard bead. She was out of breath, lost in the ecstasy of intimacy.
                Lalo niyang nadama ang pagkawala ng katinuan niya ng ang nanunukso nitong munting dila ay gumapang pababa sa kaniyang puson. He stayed there a little longer making her arch her back with every ticklish feeling and as the sensation boils her blood she screamed for more.
                “Hmmm… ohhhhhh… P-please Martin…” nagbingi-bingihan ang binata, nagpatuloy ang pagbaba nito…
                She felt the hot kisses trailing her pearl, from her spot to her two wet folds. Para itong maninisisid na nakikipaglaban sa tide currents makuha lamang ang inaasam na kayaman sa ilalim ng karagatan. His speed increases, using his expert tongue and fingers to give her pleasure, stroking her spot like there’s no tomorrow. The muscles of her vaginal walls were contracting. Soon enough, she cried in ecstasy when her insides exploded.
                When her muscles finally relaxes ay naramdaman niya ang pag-angat ng katawan ng binata, staring at her fondly. “I love you…” he murmured, ruffling her hair. And their lips met once again, as he parted her thighs placing his treasure in her cave.
                They looked into each others eyes as he thrust insides, holding her gaze as if to say, "You're only mine and mine alone". Lalo niyang hinigpitan ang kapit dito. When she was finally familiar with the rhythm, as sumabay siya sa galaw nito. She meets every thrust, grinding her hips with him. "Oh my God! Ma-martin... I'm... I'm... I'm comm-comming..." 
                They both felt the building tension at the same time, their muscles contracted uncontrollably, ibinaon niya ang mukha sa leeg nito, biting him as they both reached their destination.
                Martin uttered “I love you!” to her ears once again with a pant.  She caressed his cheeks lovingly, memorizing every detail, lines, and marks. Ayaw na niyang matapos ang sandaling iyon subalit alam niya, ano mang oras ay kailangan niya ng lisanin ang kwarto na iyon. Living her heart once again to it’s owner.
She felt the sudden wave of exhaustion draining her, willing her eyes closed. Soon enough they both drifted off to dreamland.

And there it goes...

It Doesn't Matter: Teaser + Foreword

TITLE: It doesn't Matter

Nang bigla-biglang maglayas si Miriam matapos malamang pinagtaksilan siya ng ka-MU niya ay sa bahay ng high school bestfriend siya nanuluyan.

One eventful night, she learned one important thing about love.

Chester is your typical playboy type of guy, but one night might change his perspectives in life particularly about love.


SABI nila, in love anything does not matter—even the age gap.

Noong una, para sa akin ay isa iyong BIG NO! Isang malaking kahibangan kumbaga. Then, I met this guy whom changed my perspective in love. And yes, I even started falling in love with him but I was able to save my heart in the nick of time. Dahil, sapagkat, sa kadahilanang isa rin siyang matinik na playboy.

Alam kong may tendency na masaktan ako sa bandang huli kaya kagyat ko nang binunot ang damo bago pa man ito tuluyang lumago. Subalit, mananatili siyang parte ng buhay ko. He became one of my inspirations. He taught me many things and those will forever linger in the back of my mind.

Sa lahat ng taong nagmamahal ng walang pag-aalinlangan at walang pag-iimbot, para sa inyo ang kwentong ito.

Special shout out to the following people.

To miss Rain Gatdula: Here’s the new story girl, and thanks for the generous support.

To JC Quebec: Hala, ito ginawa ko, so you could have some pointers in writing.

To de Guzman Family especially to teacher Kimberly de Guzman: thank you po sa walang sawa niyong pagtanggap sa akin sa inyong tahanan. I had learned to call you my family. Babalik at babalik ako sa inyo… para makikain, ha-ha!

And to my bestfriend: alam mo na bezzie kung bakt kita pinasasalamatan. If it weren’t for you, my heart wouldn’t be broken… walanghiya ka! Ha-ha! Kidding! You know you love me.

And to someone who still manages to inspire me to this extent. In the back of my mind, I am saying I no longer have feelings for you, but we know pretty well that inside my heart… you still occupy a small space. You know who you are. This really is for you!

August 16, 2013

The so-called-Mr. Perfect’s-checklist

Every girl dreams of the perfect guy who’ll sweep them off their feet. Who isn’t? However, often times, it’s not the face or the guy’s sex appeal that girls are after but the personality instead. 

                Moreover, no one is perfect! Thus, the list below can’t always be all found in one person. It could be 9 or 10 out of 15 or sometimes just a minimum score of 5. But that is enough to consider your man the perfect guy suited for you. Of course, that is provided you love each other dearly, wholeheartedly, and honestly. 

                After some Bipolar attack last night, I finally came up with this list. 

1.       God-Fearing
2.       Respectful
3.       Trustworthy
4.       Honest
5.       Responsible
6.       Sensible/Humorous
7.       Understanding
8.       Loving
9.       Kind/Thoughtful
10.   Humble/Down-to-Earth
11.   Confident
12.   Reasonable/Open Minded
13.   One-woman man
14.   Sweet
15.   Generous

How about you? What is your list? Or do you have any? Let me know!


Signed, (xoxo)

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."

August 15, 2013

Moving On: Over a Cup of Coffee

Moving On: Over a Cup of Coffee

Nitong mga nakalipas na buwan ay kayraming pangyayari sa aking buhay ang bumago sa aking pananaw. Subalit, mabago man noon ang ilan sa aking paniniwala, mananatili akong umaasa na mayroon isang pagmamahal. Isang emosyong magpapaligaya sa bawat nilalang sa mundo.

Denial: Noong sabihin niyang tapusin na namin kung ano man ang namamagitan sa aming dalawa, hindi ako nagpakita ng emosyon sa kaniyang harapan. Tanging ngiti ang pinaskil ko sa aking mga labi. Ikinubli ko ang nagbabadyang pagpatak ng luha sa biglang pagkulimlim ng langit. Subalit, sa kaniyang pagtalikod ay hindi rin naitago ng ambon ang sakit. Sa gitna ng dilim ay hinayaan kong tangayin ng malakas at malamig na hangin ang lahat ng sakit. Sa gitna ng maiingay na kuliglig ng panggabing insekto’y hinayaan kong lunurin ang bawat hikbe. Sa isip ko’y umuukil-kil ang mga katanungan…

Hatred: Hindi ko na ninanais malaman kung ano ang dahilan. Nanahimik ako. Nagbinge-bingihan. Nagbulag-bulagan. Hindi nagpakita ng ano mang emosyon. Subalit, nalaman ko pa rin ang dahilan. Betrayed. Been Lied to. Had been used. Naging isang laruan lamang pala ako. Isang basahan na matapos gamitin ay basta nalang itinabi sa isang sulok. Ang pinakamasakit na katotohanan ay ng malamang mas mahal niya pa rin ang babaeng nanakit sa kaniya. Sinalo ko siya noon. I had him at his worst. Subalit, hanggang kasangkot ang tinatawag nilang pag-ibig, walang kwenta kung anukaman sa buhay ng isang tao. Nagsilbi lamang akong salbabida, nang matuto siyang lumangoy ay pinabayaan at iniwan na. I was nothing but that to his life.

Bitterness: Masama bang hangading may isa pang pagkakataon? Masama bang umaasang mayroon pang bukas? Turol ko sa aking isipang wala na, ngunit ang puso ko’y patuloy na ninais magmukhang tanga. Sinubukan ko. Nagbakasakali. Subalit huli na… lumisan na siya. Umuulan noong araw na lumisan siya upang mangibang-bayan, katulad noong pag-ulan noong iwanan niya ang puso kong sugatan. Sa panglawang pagkakataon, nakiramay ang Maykapal sa aking pighati. Nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataong maikubli ang mga luhang patuloy pa rin sa pagmalibis sa aking mga pisngi. Hindi niya ako nilingon. Walang paalam kahit sa huling pagkakataon. Ang sakit pala…

Ipokrita ako kung sasabihin kong hindi ko siya naalala. I miss the man. Minsan, hanggang sa aking pagtulog ay dinadalaw ako ng mga alaala. Naroon pa rin siya, sa kubling bahagi ng utak ko. Kung hanggang kailan siya mananatili roon ay hindi ko batid. Panahon lamang ang makakapgsabi kung kailan at paano. Time heals all wounds…

Moving On: Ilang buwan na ang nakalipas… hanggang ngayon ay nasa proseso pa rin ako ng paglimot. Nakikisalamuha ako sa maraming mukha araw-araw. May nakangiti, may lumuluha, may nakasimangot, may tumatawa, mayroong walang anumang emosyon… suklian ko man ang lahat ng mukhang iyon ng isang matamis na ngiti, sa puso ko’y naroon pa rin ang pighati. Subalit, natuto na nga ako. Hindi ko dapat parusahan ang sarili ko. Kaya kasama sa desisyon ko ang paghakbang pasulong, hindi paurong. Past is past! Alam ko, sa gitna ng maraming mukhang nakakasalumuha ko ay isang mukhang magpapabalik ng sigla sa aking mga mata’t papawi sa uhaw ng puso kong sugatan. To get over a fail love is to find another love greater than the last. Darating ang tamang panahon…

Signed, (xoxo)

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."