September 29, 2011

A whisper under the rain

Her hair freeze under the rain,
Glad she can still smile despite the pain.

Behind these oblivious gray sky
Is an impending whisper of good bye!

In this park where I first met her
Is where I always want to spend time with my love—

Not possible, I know…
Had to accept that fact despite the welling ache.

Under that cold sad rainy night,
I watch as her body fall on the wet ground.

As the last bubbles disappear in the air,
I whisper good bye with a tear unnoticeable under the rain.


  1. I felt as though this goodbye was forever. Your word choices were very well chosen.

  2. @foobarph: hehe thanks po for the comment! :)

    @Kay: thanks for taking your time in reading... :)

  3. this is so sad and so beautiful it seems like a final good bye

  4. Mish: Thanks for dropping by! And thank you for taking up your time in reading this... xoxo

    Morning: it's my endless pleasure...

    Ann LeFlore: Yeah, it's their last goodbye!

  5. Very sad, but well done!

  6. @Marbles in my pocket
    Thank you very much!

  7. So sad and yet so beautiful, I loved this very much :)

  8. This is so sad, but there is some beautiful imagery here. Well done :-)

  9. @jeaniemcbain: thanks for appreciating the emotions I had put through this poem!

  10. @e.a.s demers: thanks for the flattery... God bless you!