My Darlings (Novels/Novella)

MSS's Cover

"Bitiwan mo ako. Huwag ka ng magpapakita sa akin. Stay out of my life. I don't really know you. You're just a stranger. I can't believe I fell in love with someone like you"

She experienced a traumatic incident when she was young thus explain why she didn't trust strangers. She doesn't talk to them nor paid any attention to them. Since that incident she became used to having bodyguards around her.

"You're also a stranger who invaded my heart. Hindi ko plinanong ma-inlove sayo ngunit anong magagawa ko kung noong hindi ko pa alam ang pagkatao mo'y nabihag mo na ang puso't kaluluwa ko, ngayon pa kayang kilalang kilala ka na ng puso ko?"

He fell in love with her the very first time he laid his eyes on her. He was so captivated by her undeniable beauty that even her bodyguards couldn't stop him from trying to get to know her.
Would she forget that traumatic incident for the sake of this stranger in front of her? 

 Is it Wrong to Love Him?


Arliza is just an ordinary girl with lots of stories up her sleeves. A newly graduate nurse and an aspiring writer, she thought moving in a new place is just like moving on with heartaches.

She was caught in shock at first but with her long time crush going back to the arms of his ex, she eventually accepted the fact and pressure of a new environment.

All is well at first… Well, that’s what she thought, until she saw her Godly Greek new neighbor standing at her room door way, all but nearly naked. Can she still keep up with the pressure?

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Misa de Gallo: a Nine Mornig's Wish 

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