Mharliz can always be seen with a mug of coffee in her hands, constantly refilling to stay conscious for the next 20 or so-so hours, since she often sleeps late.

Yes, a part of her is an insomniac Vampyre. She is the missing sister of the Cullens’ and the annoying stalker of Harry Potter. She somehow considers herself the princess of Recca Hanabishi—hell, that’s crazy!

She’s a nuisance when sh e has temper tantrum—which in her case is ALWAYS. She has a defective heart for she was DIAGNOSED of a syndrome, HOPELESS ROMANTIC—defined as, a romance sucker.


She finds peace in reading romantic-comedy novels from her favorite writers… When she thinks she can't hold in the insanity any longer, she will grab a piece of paper and will start weaving lines like there’s no tomorrow. Insanity spells BOREDOM for her…


She always shrieked when there are Korean actors passing by her eyes. She cries in every K-drama she watches. She shakes her booty in every K-POP tunes. 


She writes for TOP, an online site who recognizes talents of unknown Tagalog romance writers.

She has a-2-page bond paper, back to back, list of her crushes.

When she feels freakish she often stalks her adorable friends and cherubs. 

She’s an insane BIPOLAR who loves anime and manga as much as she loves YAOI (BoyxBoy) stories.

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