June 6, 2010

An Angel

Twilight approached and I silently weep, lamenting for my loss. Through the slumber of this quiet Fortress his demonic presence still lingers. His very thought torments me.
I can’t do anything but let these shitty bloody tears of mine fell down my fair cheeks. My soul is dire with hatred for myself while my heart only knows loneliness.
I am trap in the illusion of his love away from my sanctuary. Insanity slowly feasts on my mind, drowning me. I let solemnity abandoned me.
In my deepest sleep a light wakes me, invading my solitude. I opened my sleepy ruby eyes. An Angel utterly elegant and radiant penetrated my lair. He’s more beautiful than what stainless glass describes. I closed my eyes again as I felt his warm hands touch my cheeks.
“Thou shall not weep. Hate thy self not. Let sanity leave thee not.” I heard him say. Slowly he traced every lines of my face “I shall help thee forget thy damn love.” His golden voice softly uttered.
“How?” I asked.
“It’ll be wise enough to leave this damnation of thee.” I eyed him intensely, wondering how soon it’ll be ‘till I wake up from this sweet dream. “Now, sleep again and rest in my arms. I shall not let thee be alone. Tomorrow we shall depart thy citadel,” he said once again. Still with doubt I obey his commando.
Morn came and I wake up in the Angel’s arms. He smiled his sweet smile almost melting my temperance. He didn’t let go till were out of the fortress. Outside the citadel, my fate awaits.
Day by day we travelled. Land by land we soar. Gradually, I learned to forget my love for that Demon.
This Angel of mine brings back my sanity. He vanquish hatred away from myself. He put happiness in my once lonely heart.
As noon of our fifth month together crept and sunset slowly fades, we stood close together in front the heavy steel gate of his citadel.
With a loving look in his eyes he took my hand and murmured, “This is my castle, my kingdom where thee shall be the new queen.”
Twilight approached and I silently weep not for my loss but for a new love. “Together Forever” I whispered.
This Angel, my Angel taught me how to love again.

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."


  1. Love is somehow connected with the word "giving" that's why even you got hurt in the end and knowing you have gave it all. NO worries then, you just LOVE MORE compared to the person you love...YOu are just being so nice!! That's why ung anghel na un naging gabay mo pra harapin ang katotohanan! Actually truth is not a thing to be understood but its a thing to be accepted...

    ~> keEMOhan na post! Two thumbs up!

  2. Anong drama mo na naman teh, ikaw tinatalo mo ako sa kaemototan ha! HAHAHAHA! Well, love is like that. Wala na tayong magagawa pa dyan, kundi gawin ang nararapat kundi tayo rin maiiwan. Tulad nga nyan, naiwan sya kaya sinundo sya! ANO DAW???

  3. Ka-emohan ka dyan jhiegzh.. batukan kaya kita.. haha.. want me to intoduce to u love?? haha charr

  4. HAHA.. ibang sunduan naisip ko jul.. haha.. bongga talaga.. di ka-emohan yan.. may nahanap na kasi akong bagong ---- tooottt!! haha

  5. AHAY! BAGO ba...alam ko yan! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :))

  6. paano mo nalaman??
    ni-kwento ko ba?

  7. awwww ang nice naman nito hahahaha :)

  8. @sasarai.. he likes it.. ang ganda daw.. rawr.. lovevy daby eyes..

    @Rose.. enks sis!

  9. @sasarai.. he likes it.. ang ganda daw.. rawr.. lovevy daby eyes..

    @Rose.. enks sis!

  10. @devil_under_light
    wee.. angal pa ee.. haha