June 25, 2010

His work...

I am an emotional person. I am moody and have tantrums like a child. Kapag nakita na ng mom ko that I am frowning alam na niyang may topak ako, it's either galit ako or ewan lang. At times when I can't release my feelings and tension I write the words that expresses what I feel. They are my darlings--- my poems and short stories.

Yesterday I chatted with an acquittance and have an interesting talk to as how he got interested in writing. He got indulged in reading literary pieces when he is feeling emotional--- just like me the only difference is that he read while I write. He had written his first work, a poem when he was in 3rd year Highschool. Since I am a person who admire work of others specially if with quality and equal emotions, I have asked for his permission to post his first ever poem here in my page. I felt honored of course when he agreed.


I’m so confused of what I feel
I don’t know what this feeling is
It’s something my heart can’t reveal
But this to you I should promise

I don’t know what you have possess
I can’t tell this is how I feel
You’re someone my heart can’t resist
Rejection by you I couldn’t deal

How will I explain to make you believe
Wandering what are the right words to say
When you’re beside me, I remain passive
‘Coz my fear keeps the melody away

To have you as my friend is a treasure
But my heart beats beyond the word “friend”
I’m just telling how I feel that’s for sure!
To lie is something I haven’t intend

Why does the sound of your voice give me butterflies?
You have captivated me for all the things you do
Why can’t I explain when I look in your eyes?
And why can I so impossibly be in love with you?

Maybe it’s the way you talk to me
For the first time, that special day
Maybe it was your soothing voice
That calms my heart in every way

Maybe it was your gentle smile,
Your simple and angelic face
Maybe it was your cute eyes
That lit up the darkest place

Now you know what I really mean
The engulfed thoughts are so hard to conceal
I may sound absurd, but I’m certain
That all the words I wrote is for real

Now there’s something bothering me
Will our friendship stays the same?
I know I can’t hide this feeling
But what If you don’t feel the same?

I will never ever leave you
When the rest of the world is gone
I will always be here for you
When you find your problems undone

You really mean a lot to me
Yet, Im not hoping to be your special someone
Maybe you used to call me crazy…
But inspiring me makes my poem a special one

My heart, the witness of my secrecy
But my mouth could not testify
Until I realize pretending is not so easy
That I can’t control my pen to deny!

by Edward Newgate
----->> i dunno if I am allowed to published his real name so i just wrote his [i think] alias. :))

Note: if you are going to read this post [i know you would] thank you for allowing me. It's a pleasure in my part.
"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."


  1. @lhey.. thanks for liking it ate..

  2. If they like it Mhar, I like it most! Well yan tlga life, mas aminado maganda ang kalalabsan if galing sa puso! I have been into that times pero ndi sa pagsusulat dinaraan ko kundi sa PAGKAIN! hahahaa ^^

    Nice post! Love na naman T_T Mabuhay ang mga single? Single ka ba Mharliz? Lols!

  3. Ikaw talaga jhiehzh-tot.. of course single ako.. owkay.. next post ko di naman about love.. haha.. medyo may kinalaman nalang.. haha ;))

  4. love love love.. is in the air as always.. nice post mharliz :-)