August 13, 2009

where am I now?

When they told me that i will transfer to a new school--shame on me, but--i really cried in..i don't actually know why i weep at that time. Maybe because i don't want to leave important things friends, my classmates, my school, the people who had believe in me and stay with me when i'm feeling lost..Or maybe it is because i am afraid.. Afraid to start a new life and to meet new be in an unknown WORLD.

And true as it is..the first two weeks of my life in OLIVAREZ COLLEGE and at a new HOME had been full of fear..I am afraid to be rejected by the new society i had been force to fit in. I am afraid of what they had to say about me. Afraid that i couldn't blend in with the flow.

But what would happen to my life if i'll just continue to
sulk? So, i tried to overcome my fear and interact with the people around me.

I guess i had been wrong after i realized that i didn't need to be afraid because that's just how life should be...
We need to move on. We need to meet new people in order for us to bloom and be matured. In order for us to learn.

But the people that I had left behind wouldn't be buried in the past. They would always be a part of my life and who I am.

So where Am I right now? my new WorLD along with the memories of my life in CMCC..

[i miss my friends, i miss ferryzz whill, i miss my professors, and i miss CMCC]

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