August 15, 2009


I cant remember ever feeling so fragile
this heart of mine weep inside
I consciously watch their vicious smiles
as i stumble and fall along the line

the surge of emotion overwhelm me.
As twilight approach i plead
in my heart dawn does not exist
in pain...agony prevail!

Then a Devil swiftly walk my way,
He damningly intense my agony
Yet, as i whimper in silence
He nestle me in his arms
with kisses he dried my tears
Oh, hell! How my heart melts!
But when i open my eyes...his gone.
I vaguely remember his face
But the piercing feeling remains,
My heart race as I remember.

Twilight crept and i wait
for him to cross my way again
Till that time comes
My agony is at edge
Waiting for my demonic angel to erase it.

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