July 13, 2011

Living the glitz and glamour of the BRATS: Lux Uno

Meet and greet the famous 3B-Club members...


The Insensitive Brat

Name: Chloie Mendrez
Nickname: Loi
Age: 22
Birthday: July 29, 1989
Status: Currently chasing her Love.
School: Bellmar University
Course: Business Administration Major in Managerial Economics
Affiliation: Bratinella Bitch Babe Club or 3B-club
Hobby: Swimming, internet surfing, shopping, mambwisit at magpa-iyak ng lalaki.
Bratz Motto: "I can get whatever I want"
Bratz Love Quotation: "Love is unpredictable; you never knew when it'll hit you."
Bratz Description: The insensitive bitch: She is well known with the reputation "insensitive". She doesn't care whatever other say about her wala rin siyang pakialam kung nakakasakit man siya ng damdamin ng iba. She would say whatever comes in her mind, offensive or non-offensive. She dispose her boyfriends like trash and can get a new one in just a sec. Meeting Jethro changed everything about her mindset...from the insensitive to the persistent Chloie.
Love interest: Jethro Rocco
Reputation in Love: The Aloof Businessman

 The Foxy Bombshell

Name: Laine Vlair Azarcon
Nickname: Laine d’ Foxy Bombshell
Age: 22
Birthday: February 09, 1988
Status: Deniably taken so meaning still Available for possible hookers
School: (already graduated from) St. Benedict University
Course: Fashion and Arts Designing
Affiliation: Bratinella Bitch Babe Club or 3B-club
Hobby: Innocent teasing, Limelight catcher and Striker Queen (so don’t mess up with her)
Bratz Motto: "Option was never been part of my choice because I can always have both, so why choose?"
Bratz Love Quotation: "Hooking up with me makes your balls fluff."
Bratz Description: Narcissist bitch- thinks highly of herself for being reign as the city queen. Enjoys limelight and sometimes sort of a wistful gal but sucked up on betrayals, you’ll never like her when she strikes back (so better hold your back dogs).
Love Interest: Ervin Gariente
Reputaion of love: The Hottie Farmer (alias Mr. UngentleMan)

 The Icebreaker Brat 

Name: Tanya Christie Salvador
Nickname: Tinzz
Age: 21
Birthday: December 28, 1989
Status: Playful Brat
School: St. Benedict University
Course: BSED Music
Affiliation: Bratinella Bitch Babe Club or 3B-Club
Hobby: To kiss every handsome guys in the campus and tease them.
Bratz Motto: "Pareho lang tayong masama: Ako, UGALI. Ikaw, MUKHA."
Motto for 3B-Club: "We're bitch because we don’t let you push us around, 'coz we're stronger than you'll ever be."
Love Quotation: "Ano ba 'yang LOVE?"
Bratz Description: Tyansingera sa grupo, brat, loves playing pranks and kiss boys, happy-go-lucky type. Icebreaker brat dahil sa mahilig magpatawa kapag ang grupo ay wala sa mood, at mahilig tumawa kapag ang mga kaibigan ay laging sinasabi ang salitang Love. Isang brat na mabait at mahilig mang-away ng mga babaeng feeling may ‘K’.
Love interest: Duncan "Duke" Regalado
Reputation of love: The Gullible Basketball player

Snobbing Manhater

Name: Claire Stephanie Tuazon
Nickname: Claire
Age: 20
Birthday: June 08, 1991
Status: Single Snobbing Ms. Linden
School: Linden International University
Course: BS Fashion Designing
Affiliati0n: Bratinella Bitch Babe Club or 3B-Club
Hobby: Mang-snob at magtaray sa mga taong hindi niya feel, artehan ang mga taong patay na patay sa mga boys. Hang-out with her brat mates.
Bratz Motto: "You fool me once but you can't fool me twice. No guys could fool me again because I'm the one who'll fool around."
Love Quotation: "No man deserves my love."
Description: Man-hater, snobbish, mataray, maarte. Snobbing Manhater: Ini-snob ang mga gwapong lalaking nagpapalipad hangin sa kaniya, tinatarayan ang mga ito at minsan nga ay pinapahiya pa, ngunit hindi yata nagsasawa ang mga ito sa kasamaang kaniyang pinapakita. Maarte dahil inis siya sa mga babaeng feeling maganda. Pinakatahimik sa grupo. Mahal lang niya talaga ang mga bratz.
Love Interest: James Kenneth Quizon
Reputation of love: The guy will teach Claire how to love again.

A/N: More of the Brats in Lux Duo ...abangan!

Source: Bratinella bitch babe facebook fan page

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."


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