July 10, 2012

Nonsense Tres

It’s been a long time since I last posted an entry in this blog, and for old time sake I decided to post whatever comes to mind. Just like today, umiral na naman ang so-so walang wents kong kadaldalan. Since this morning I’ve been in the mood to chatter. As a matter of fact, I’d been telling my besties nonsense over SMS conversation. Then I got bored in our house so I decided to go to this internet café a few blocks away from home.

                Imagine my surprise when I saw two tall handsome men coming out from our gate (I’m currently living in a dorm style house… apartment?) Such luck! Haha, kaso we part ways in the middle of the road. Sayang! Okay lang, pag-uwi ko makikita ko rin naman sila ulit. Landi much?
                So, anyway, news? I don’t know if it’s a BIG DEAL but I’m finally working! Oh yeah, hindi na ako PALA ni inay, as in PALAMUNIN… May silbi na ako sa buhay… hay buhay! I started almost two months ago and so far so good. I enjoy it most of the time… most of the time lang… Alam mo naman ang reality ng buhay… Haha, me ganun!? Basta I won’t elaborate na…

                Love Life? Aherm… maubo raw ba? Sa ibang entry ko ikukwento yan, pero alam mo naman ang love life ng lola niyo, colorful as a rainbow… always!

                Anla, wa wents talaga itong entry ko… basta, bahala na…

                Entry posted.

Signed, (xoxo)

  "Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."

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