January 5, 2010


I tried to push my desire more,
but there's still sole emptiness.
The unwinding path blurred my futuristic mind.
I became a savage in my willful serenity,
there's no solemn at all.
It isn't my plan
yet, I beckon myself to----

My head is in pitch black
There's no where to run,
no where to hide...

Yet, I don't want to surrender my sanity,
it's all that I got.
I let my heart flow into abyss,
you hold out your hand
I cling to loneliness.
There's more to hope than that
I don't want to throw myself in the bliss,
it's your own serenity...not mine.

I yearn for more,
much more than you expect.
Lust had previously drowned me
I don't want to risk again.

I'm a wandering soul
looking for a purpose
and my heart will be out there
in the middle of darkness,
Hunting you...forever!