December 25, 2009

It's all about Niki

I. A note from Niki

This morning I was so suprised to see a note lying in my desk from Niki. I was shocked to know that she already knew how to write. Furthermore, I'm delighted that she is active in her class. The note was about the activity her mentor had given to them, writing a biography.

Here how it goes:

An Essay about Me

My name is Niki-pot. I am 2 2/3 years old. I am a beagle. I live in a house. I also have a condo. They put the TV on my penthouse so I sleep in the groundfloor.

I want to give a shout to POOH, "you are still my bestfriend---- wherever you are". I'd like to bark hi to Che-che, Jobaks, Happy Boogie, Miaka, and my sister Ashley. I like chocolate, mentos spearmint, and...ATAY.

They say I'm fat, but I don't care. I don't believe them. I know I'm cute no need to repeat it over and over. I am not insecure unlike that Miaka...but they always say I'm cute.

I like walking walking everymorning and kamot kamot always. I also like sleeping in front of the electricfan or siksik in pillows. I also like eating turbo chicken if ATAY is not available or if turbo chicken is not availabale I like KFC chicken also...It's paw liking kikin' good.

That's all...Laterz!

My jaw drop after reading the note. Surely someone is feeding me a joke. Imagine a dog dog writing?  What more can be worst?

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