December 16, 2009

This and share!

I just wanna share something that's worth being read and heard across the World. As a Filipino citizen I felt compelled to give you bits of info I stumbled upon surfing the net. I wanted to share to you the SHOP and SHARE project of two Filipino celebs, Ms. Angel Locsin and Ms. Anne Curtis. You can find there great items owned by other celebs that can be gift to loveones this Christmas season. Feel free to stop by the site and help million Filipinos who have suffered from the typhoons that pass through our beloved country this year.

We are celebrities who have been exceptionally blessed by your love and
support. We witnessed for ourselves the devastation, brought about by
"Ondoy" and "Pepeng". We felt compelled to share not just our voices
and our time, but from our own closets. These items have meaning in our
lives and now they'll become even more mea...ningful because they'll help
rebuild broken homes and broken dreams.  

Because of you we are where we are.
And now with you, together, we can help our fellow Filipinos move
forward, even just one step at a time. Maraming salamat sa pagbibigay
nyo ng pansin sa adhikain namin. We love Philippines! We love you :)

- Ms. Kris Aquino

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