December 8, 2009



I gasp,
My soul whimper
I’m losing my grasp,
I mused to stay close
Yet…you step back.

I stared at your handsome face
Your bright yellow eyes…
Almost cold pierce my soul…
Your red lips twitched a mocking grin.

I fought the urge to look away
Our gaze met…
Almost crushing my bruised heart
An obscure shadow dimmed your eyes,
It’s almost hard to fathom…
The hidden message beneath those smiles.

I shudder with a shrill,
Running through my spines
As you step again
Forward – so close
Almost touching my warm skin
Your lips brushed with mine
Letting me sip a taste of your wine
So sweet –
The kiss was soft…gentle
Yet, almost edgy
I can feel the passion
It’s burning inside.

I heard your velvet voice
Whispering in my ears
I try to hold back the tears
I held out my hand
Reaching you…
Again and again
With trembling remorse I called out your name,
But you’re gone…
Far away from me
Leaving me wounded,
For your sweet wine still lingers in my lips.

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