December 11, 2009


Do you know how much I hate you? of course you don’t, how are you suppose to know when you’re not even paying attention to me? gosh, bakit ba kasi kita namimiss? Bakit ba ako worried of what might have happened bad to you? to think that were over. Feeling ko kasi you always left me hanging. Yung tipong umaasa sa wala. You show me how important i am to you and then the next minute, you don’t even give a damn.

Alam mo ba… I always hope that you will change for the better. matanda ka na, you should at least be responsible. Ang playboy mo kasi eh kaya nga i keep on controlling my feeling for you, and yet here I am…hoping and praying to God na sana kahit isang sign lang that you still Love me ibigay nya.

I did’nt intend to fall for you so hard, but i just can’t help it. To think that you dont even know how much it hurts na marami akong kaagaw sayo. I keep asking myself, why is that that every guy i learned to love can’t be mine alone?! Palagi na lang na may kaagaw ako. katulad na lang ng sayo. bakit ba kasi playboy ka? God knows how much i regretted being one myself.. a “playgirl”. Hah! is this what they call KARMA?! gGrrHh… Naistress ako kakaisip sayo. I’ve done everything to forget about you even just for a minute but you keep on pestering my mind and i can’t help but think about you.

I miss your voice
I miss your laugh
i miss your thoughtfulness
i miss everything about you!!

Dahil hindi ko talaga alam kung anong nararamdaman ko...naisipan mag-sulat ng Love Letter ng Puso ko. Nakakahiya nga eh para akong teenager ng lagay na 'to.
Teka teenager pa rin naman ako ahh..di ba??Aiy ewan!

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