February 7, 2010

The little girl's star


I wonder how she does it? I wonder how he never noticed of that little girl's heart? He can hear her little voice. He can see through her. He can reach out his hands and touch her little fingers. Yet, why can't he see the love overflowing her heart? How come he can't hear the fireworks exploding in her heart when their lips touched?

Her angelic voice isn't enough to reach him. How long can that little girl pretend not to adore the guy?

I ask.
Why can't he see me? That little girl that's always beside him in the dark. I continue to watch that brightest star in the sky. The only star that twinkles in my eyes. But when would he see me standing beside him? When would he know he is my star?

Is it okey to just like that star even he can't see my tears in the dark? even I can't catch him in my heart?

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