March 26, 2010

That Guy

Delinquent and dumb ass,
That’s all you seemed to me.
Rumored much and playboy,
Easy-going-happy-lucky type of guy,
Chauvinistic and care the less,
Thinking I know you that well.
Talking about biased based gossips,
I couldn’t care that much.
Wasn’t it all until that day?

I’ve known you since then,
From that day onwards
I couldn’t complain to fate, could I?
Nevertheless, I am happy our world intertwined.
Behind all those gossip
I have seen the honest real you.
The guy who hates peanuts,
Yet love strawberry jams.
The guy who loves techno music,
The guy who stands up for what he believes in,
The guy who’s so much a gentleman that he got confused for being a playboy,
The guy who takes things lightly,
 The guy who always listens.
You are that guy I had fallen in love with,
Right at that moment…
That day I found you crying and your heart bleeding right in the middle of nowhere.

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."

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