March 28, 2010


I stop with a halt.
It’s hard to deal with gazillion thoughts
Running through my head
My heart inevitably keeps on pondering.
The details remain ruined
I was anxious
I wanted it to end.
I briskly let my lid close
But, across the darkly dim room
I could still see your ashen face
I struggle to keep my eyes closed
Steady as I wanted to be
Yet, I could still see you
I could still hear the thumping of your heart.
My own tried to mimic the sound
My lashes moist with tears,
I just couldn’t.
It’s far harder than I ever imagined.
My soul drank with dizziness,
Not aware of you could hands
Against my bare nakedness
My eyes bolt open
But, it didn’t take long.
I blink, and then you’re gone.
I embraced myself
I let the chill of loneliness
Cut my soul to pieces.
It’s blurry. I wasn’t able to see clearly ahead.
It’s hard to look for the light
when I don’t have you in my heart.

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."

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