May 27, 2010

Emo-tera Mode part two

 Bakit ba ako nag-eemote kagabi??

May 26, 2010

I knew it. When I woke up this morning memories of you still lingers. Muntik pa akong malaglag sa kama the moment I checked my Inbox and there’s a message from YOU. I sighed…looked at the ceiling and uttered a silent prayer————

It take a little longer…a lot of courage before I had the strength to read your message. To my dismay it turned out to be group message saying thank yous’ to those who greeted you a ‘Happy Birthday’.

I felt my heart gone numb. It’s beating fluctuated. I sob—— I thought finally you remembered me and wish for us to get back together. I silently prayed that your text message contains months of longing and a passionate sorry, but it was not.

It had slipped my mind. It is your special day today. We used to celebrate Together, but now—

I managed to type a simple greeting message. Just like months ago you didn’t respond. Just a group message and BOOM you’re gone again…

I crawl out of bed and face the bitterness of the day ahead.
Darn that message of yours. I miss you again.

:cry: ~~Vodka for me!! T.T
 [Story of my Life]

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."


  1. Hirap ng hindi makamove-on lalo na pag nakasanayan mo na syang kasama araw-araw... hai, pag-ibig nga naman, parang linta lang. ^_^

  2. Parang linta lang..
    kapag kumapit ang hirap ng tanggalin..