May 10, 2010

My Immortal: Pleasure

Shalana walks gracefully towards the ancient bed. Showing off her flawless nakedness without undeniable shame. Waiting in the bed is her lover, Alanis. His fiery eyes wouldn’t leave the sight of this beauty in front of him. Following every movement she made as if a specimen under a microscope. With a few stride she abruptly stop and kneel in front of Alanis gorgeous nakedness.
“You’re no doubt a beauty, my Shalana!” Alanis exclaimed
A shed of bloody tear fell down the glistening ashen cheeks of Shalana, “T-then why you had to leave me?” She looked at those crimson red eyes with confusion. She is deeply hurt, yet she can’t afford to hate this man.
Alanis was astonished. In their whole three hundred years of being nineteen together, he had never seen Shalana shed a single tear for him and now----
“I’m sorry. You know how hard it is for me too.”
“She isn’t one of us!” Shalana burst out
He ran out of words to say. He couldn’t contradict Shalana for what she said is true. Rebecca isn’t one of their kinds. She is human. They are immortals. They are vampires who feast on human bloods lurking through the darkness of the night. He tore his gaze away the beauty kneeling in front of him.
Shalana cuffed Alanis chin forcing him to look at her again. “She wouldn’t be able to give you what I can…” She said in a soft enchanting voice while tracing every lines of Alanis handsome face. She brushed her lips to Alanis, luring him to another lyrical passion. Combined with lust and her desperate love for Alanis, she slavishly caressed every part of his body while kissing him from his throat down to his manhood.  He let out a moan, giving in with Shalana’s sensual game. The latter gasp when he yanked her off down his thighs and smother her with a hunger kiss. He slips his right hand to her nape pulling her closer.  While his other hand run up and down her spine. Giving Shalana shivers of pleasures.
Another sensual moan escaped her mouth as Alanis started to make his way down to her swollen breast. His hand running up and down her spine shifted in between her thighs. Shalana threw back his head enjoying the sexual ecstasy Alanis is giving her.
In her mind Shalana is rejoicing. She knew Alanis couldn’t do this thing to Rebecca or he would forever lose her.  The strength both of them possess can kill a human being if not controlled. She wanted Alanis to realize that so to never leave her.
Her mind flew back to what their doing when she felt Alanis sudden thrust in her womanhood. She moaned. Pleased with every rocking movement their body rhythmically swayed to. Again and again they move till they both moaned with pleasure as they reached orgasm.
Shalana smiled. In between heavy breaths she whispered to Alanis ears, “You can’t do that with her, my love”, before planting a wet kiss in his forehead.
Alanis looked at Shalana’s swaying body as she marched out of the room, leaving him confused.

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."

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