May 22, 2010

My Immortal: Rebbeca Stuart

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Rebecca sighed. Alanis face keeps on appearing in her head. He had penetrated even her dreams that she’d been insomniac the fast few days.

The other week, she’d been so determined on finding out what was the hidden mystery beneath the abandon castle standing in depth of the forest that the town’s old folks were so afraid of. When she found her way in front of the castle, she’d been out of breath. How could the oldies be afraid of such a beautiful sight? It doesn’t seem old much as the others talked about. To her dismay the door inside the castle were locked. 

She was about to leave when she caught glimpse of a man standing in the lawn dressed in an awkward yet elegant gothic clothes. She heaves a sigh. Hypnotized at those crimson red eyes he possessed. In a split second she found him standing in front of her.

“Indeed this would be the most beautiful twilight I would experience my entire existence with your loveliness in front of me.” The stranger said in a soothing dark velvet voice.

Though darkness is closely impending, Rebecca can clearly study the features of the young man. His skin is pale and glistening. His crimson red eyes looks like his been deprived of sleep for what seems like eternity. His red lips are curved in a sensual smile, the way a teasing lover would do in bed.  She blushed at that thought.

Fear was out of the question, her heart has gone numb beating wildly, faster than the normal heartbeat of a human. She’s so mesmerize she didn’t even care who this man is.

That night had been the most memorable night for Rebecca. For the fast few days, for some reason she feels agitated. She long for Alanis presence…

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."

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