May 25, 2010

Emo-tera Mode

Big Sigh. I told them I'm gonna be okay yet I am not. I still keep on thinking about you. Every now and then a picture of us together, walking hand in hand keep on reappearing on my oh-so-dumb-mind.

Idiot me. Baka!

Why? Why is it that despite all of those pain you still have a place here in my heart---tsk, yung center pa ang ini-occupy mo. Darn it!

I wouldn't be like this if I haven't love you that much---imagine, for almost five years I have cherished that feeling and what did you do? You only ruined it.

I wouldn't hate you this much [as much as I love you :( ] if you only had done me a favor---letting me love you even you wouldn't love me back. But nah-ah... you're a selfish brute that you didn't allow that simple wish of mine. Loving you from afar would be enough, yet you forbid to.

Stupid Heart---it only beats for you.
Stupid Eyes---it only sees you.
Stupid Hands---it only wants to hold you.
Stupid Arms---it only wants to hug you.
Stupid Lungs---it only wants to breath you.
Stupid Life---it only wants to live for you.
Stupid ME---i can't get over you!
What a dummy! Sigh!
I wish...I wish tomorrow when I wake up, I wouldn't have a single memory of you. Like you haven't been part of my heart even it means forgetting five years of my life.

For tonight, I only want to say Goodbye, my Love.
When morning comes, I know I would still say hello even though I wish to forget about you.

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."


  1. Well, lagi ko din sinasabi sa sarili ko yan, na sana sa paggising ko, wala na ni isang memory na natira about the person I love, but it doesn't take any effect at all. The best thing I could do is to sit silently and wait.

    Haha! Nakarelate ako sau kahit kaunti! =))

  2. @Sasarai aba at may nakarelate pa pala.. haha..

    Sana nagkaroon na lang ako ng selective amnesia.. just to forget about that stupid egosistical memory of him..

  3. hello sis..mhrap tlga makamove on..tsk waaah

  4. @rose.. hi sis.. nakow sinabi mo pa.. uber duper..

    @Sasarai.. di ko pa nata-try power ni champoy mo..