May 23, 2010

My Immortal: Thirst

SOMEONE slowly crept through the shadows of the wall under the darkness of the night, following every deafening footstep across the other side of the street.
Those footsteps were owned by a merchant. He had been traveling for days; unfortunately he arrived at the city too late that night. He’d been walking for almost half an hour, looking for an Inn to stay and rest for the night. When morning comes, he would get down to business which is looking for his missing daughter. Caught in his deep thoughts, he didn’t notice a girl emerging from the shadows of the wall. Now, she is closely following him.
She sniffed. A huge grin broke on her face as she teasingly licked her red swollen lips. “Ahh…What a luscious smell!” she uttered to herself silently. Her throat is now burning with desire. She’s thirsty. Her last meal had been almost a month ago. It was a sweet innocent infant who was left abandoned in front of the Catholic Church. She didn’t dare doubt drinking that child’s sweet blood for she was drowned with hunger.
One month had been too long that she decided to hunt that night. The ecstasy she and Alanis had shared with a while ago isn’t enough to satisfy her thirst. Now she found a victim.
She opened her wet lips and start humming.
The merchant was startled.  He abruptly stops walking and he slowly turned to look at the girl.
Shalana smiled but continue to hum again and again as if chanting, casting a spell. He is hypnotizing the old man.
Mesmerized, the merchant looked straight in her eyes. He could see her red crimson eyes sparkling darkly under the moonlight.
DOWN the third corner of the street, Rebecca is still wide awake. More than the longing for Alanis, something else is bothering her.  She could hear a girl humming an odd tune. It was the same tune she heard the night before the town’s folks found a lifeless infant in front of the Catholic Church. Te child was pale looking…drained of blood.
The oldies speculated that a blood-sucking-creature had attack the poor child. Others speculated that it was done by a cult currently lurking the city. Some even suggested that it was done by someone secretly living in the old castle deep in the forest.
Two days after that incident she met Alanis. A guy she knows isn’t normal, not a human-----not one of her kind. But she chose to stay quiet, hiding this knowledge from the town’s people out of fear. Yes, she is afraid. She doesn’t want to reveal the identity of her love, Alanis.
Tonight, though she fears of another person losing its life she wouldn’t interfere. She would keep the secret of what that odd tune is for.  She wouldn’t say a single word about a vampire feasting on a human’s blood that night.

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."

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