April 25, 2010


The sweetest lines uttered by our dream guys from movies and books... admit it, we can't help but fall in love with these cheesy lines...

"Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark...and then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy." -Edward Cullen, Twilight

"Our love is like a wind...I can't see it, but i sure can feel it." -Landon Carter, A walk to remember

"I was a coward running away again. But everywhere I went, you caught up with me. So, I had to come back." -Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds." -Noah Calhoun, The Notebook

"With love's wings did I o'eperch these walls; for stony limits cannot hold love out, and what love can do, that dares love attempt: therefore thy kinsmen are no stop to me." -Romeo Montague, Romeo and Juliet: Scene 2

"Mel? Mel?...If you're in there, Mel... I love you. Even if you're not there. If you can't hear me, I love you." -Jared, The Host

"I held you in my hand Wanderer, and you were so beautiful." -Ian O'Shea, The Host

"Lahat ng bilihin nagmamahalan na...tayong dalawa nalang ang hindi..."

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